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From Tribes

Andy Cooper and Michael Cooper make up From Tribes (formerly known as the band, 'Room 24'), a progressive rock/post-rock band out of Austin, Texas. 

From Tribes describes their post-rock music as layered, textured, and full of melodic lines and harmonic structures. The result is music that sounds and feels much fuller than the sum of only 3 individual parts. 

Brothers and founding band members, Andy (guitar, vocals) and Michael (drums, vocals), have written, performed, and recorded music together for the last 5 years.  They recently completed their fourth recording project with Austin producer, Tim Gerron, and are excited to announce that their latest single, "Black Mesa" is now available on CD Baby. It follows up their first, From Tribes single, "Albatross", with an additional new single "Excalibur" following shortly.